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  • If your employees file for unemployment insurance due to COVID-19, your UI tax rate will not be affected.
  • Please make sure when you are filing unemployment insurance claims on behalf of your workers that you enter all social security numbers accurately before submitting. Any updates that must be completed after submission will cause delays in payment or potential over payment.

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Unemployment Insurance Information for Employers 

COVID-19 Support Payments
COVID-19 Payment Plan Application
Executive Order No. 2020-22 - Authorization for COVID-19 Support Payments by Employers
COVID-19 Support Payments Explainer

Employer Filed Claims

The Employer Filed Claims process is efficient and convenient for businesses and their employees. It also helps protect the security of the unemployment insurance process and claimants by reducing opportunities for UI fraud.

For a general overview and questions related to COVID-19, click the Employer Filed Claim FAQ here.

Click here to visit the Employment and Workforce website page with detailed information about Employer Filed Claims.

Ready to begin the process? Here are four helpful links:

1. Login page for the Employer Self Service Portal.
2. Video tutorial with step-by-step instructions for an Employer Filed Claim.
3. PDF tutorial with step-by-step instructions for an Employer Filed Claim
4. Visit the Employer page, Bridge to Benefits, to find more employer resources for unemployment insurance.

Click here for general questions related to the COVID-19 and Unemployment Insurance Benefits.



Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is a federal program available through the CARES Act. This program expands eligibility for additional unemployment assistance for individuals who may not be covered under regular unemployment insurance.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance FAQ

Read about UI for Self-Employed Contractors Gig Workers and 1099s


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Click here for the SUITS login page - the State Unemployment Insurance Tax System.

If you have employees who may need support during this difficult time, click here for mental and emotional health resources.

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